About Us

Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Our two founders set out to find a summer internship as freshmen in college. After struggling to find and use services provided on and off campus, they decided to take the problem into their own hands. Internalyze was born to fix a problem that exists on college campuses all around the nation.

What do we do?

We save students time by matching them with internship opportunities that are tailored to their experience and interests. College is hard enough as is, let us make your life easier. Internalyze will take care of you, and we will help you develop a passion that will lead to a long, meaningful, and successful career. 


We're here to help!

We at Internalyze know that finding the right internship to unlock your true potential is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we build an in-depth profile of you and our companies.





David Lopez

From starting his own tutoring company in high school to interning with CU's startup accelerator, entrepreneurship is in David's blood. He has developed his passion for entrepreneurship by his sheer determination to create a product that will positively effect others. This past year, he has gone out of his way to teach himself computer programming as well all things entrepreneurial. David believes that all students deserve to have equal opportunities. After earning a full-ride scholarship to University of Colorado Boulder - Leeds School of Business, David quickly engulfed himself in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that Boulder, Colorado offers. David serves a mentor to both college as well as high school students. David is a first generation minority college student working towards a degree in operation management & entrepreneurship.  



Business Administration, 2021




David Villalobos

David is an enthusiast towards trying new things and developing new skillsets for the sheer nature of discovering more about oneself. He's not afraid of being exposed to new sets of problems and challenges that involves getting his hands dirty and digging information in order to get to where he needs to be. As a first-generation student attending the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder, David submerged himself to the tech and startup scene. Being exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age, David has taken initiative by meeting new mentors, establishing relationships with the people that matters to him, and constantly getting a better understanding on what being an entrepreneur is all about. Coming from a diverse background, David understands the power of leading a group of people who have unique skillsets. 



University of Colorado Boulder
Business Administration, 2021