We believe in helping students develop their passion.

Headquartered in Boulder, Internalyze connects the best fitting students with the best companies. Our company specializes in allowing students to turn their interests into their passions through hands-on experiential learning. Whether you’re a freshman in college, an undergraduate student, or a recent college graduate, we will give you our best effort to find you an internship experience that unlocks your full potential based on your resume, experience, and interests. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every student and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.




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We believe in helping students find and develop their passion. It's important for students to find something that they love to do on a daily basis. We believe this journey begins with hands-on experiential learning as early as your freshman of college.

We take the hard work out of recruitment

Our sole purpose is to make your life easier, whether you're a student, employer, or an internship coordinator. We will work day and night to perfect our service for our users. We believe in open communication, so we can build a user friendly experience.

Learners First

Students deal with enough as is. We believe in making the internship process easier for students. We invest our time and resources into building the connections that students would otherwise have to. We are made by students, for students.

who can we help

Are you a college student that's tired of scrolling through thousands of unique opportunites? Do you work for career services at a college or university, where you use some universal platform that isn't tailored to your location or students? Are you a company that is looking to hire great talent, but knows that it starts with the interns? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we are the service for you. 


We are cultivating an inclusive community for our students. We want to help students build their network as they develop their passion through experiential learning. Our platform will allow students to join a family of hands-on learners.

We generate REal opportunities 

We know that there are endless amounts of job and internship boards out there. In order to help our students become successful, we spend time meeting with companies to build genuine relationships with them, so that they can trust us when we send them our highest qualifying students. 



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