What is Internalyze?


People need to make an impact + have purpose in their work. Many employees + employers lack the skills for honest communications about these needs.

Internalyze guides learning organizations into transparent + open spaces that align their people’s purpose with the company’s mission. Our Experiential Workshops explore the ways Learner’s want to make an impact, in ways that support an organization’s goals.



Learners Come First

Commitment to Purposeful Learning

Equity Over Equality


What is a Learner?

Being a learner means to be a self-starter – someone who’s constantly searching for tools + resources to leverage their personal and professional development. When opportunities present themselves, learners capitalize on all of them regardless of significance.

A learner is not restrained by anything; their learning is an on-going endeavor that happens outside organizational frameworks. They are pioneers of their own learning journey and aren’t afraid to explore unknown levels of expertise. 

We strive towards guiding learners to their purpose + impact and aligning them with the organizations they associate themselves with.



What is Commitment to Purposeful Learning?

Purposeful learning means that you’ve found the right purpose + impact at the right time in the right organization to fully strive + prosper in. It’s the “Aha! I’m good at this, I love doing this, and I want to grow here” moment that many people constantly hope to find.

Unless you’ve already found your purpose + impact and aligned it with your work, the pursuit of purposeful learning can be exhausting, difficult, and quite daunting.

This explains why committing requires a huge investment for learners + organizations. We are here to help facilitate this process.



What is Equity Over Equality?

Since every learner is different, fairness + success also differs. Even though equity + equality aim towards producing fairness, they are two very different strategies. Equity is allowing our learners to have access to the tools + resources necessary to allow them to achieve their goals. Equality is treating each learner the same, even though learners come from all types of backgrounds and require different needs.

We believe that our differences are what makes us beautiful. There is a lack of transparent communication within a collective space that causes people to put their purpose + impact aside for the sake of the entire organization. During this sacrificial process, the real obstacles arise – people lose sight of their purpose + don’t know how to recognize if they’re making an impact.